James M. Calm, Engineering Consultant, USA
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beautiful little ChenXi — 李晨熙
Italy is Eataly  (a shrinking-clothes production)
mushrooms and fungi  (there is a fungus among us  —  in addition to politicians)  


Boston and nearby:  2014-20152016  (updated 2016.02.17)
Great Falls and nearby:  2014-2015,  2016,  2017,  2018  (updated 2018.09.26 + a few)
  (updated 2019.11.25, more to be added)
2020 (updated 2020.03.31, many more to be added),
                                   2021  (not prepared, may be added)
Rockport,  Italy

Poland, Russia, and Finland  (half way, more coming, will take a while to complete)

other planets and galaxies  —  still very uncertain, no pictures yet

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New slideshows, and updating of both existing and new sets, will occur on a sporadic basis as time and inclination allow.